Friday, May 13, 2011

awesome finn hat

if you've never watched adventure time, i highly suggest you go and youtube some episodes asap. in the show, finn the human wears an enviably fashionable white hat with ears sticking out. for halloween last year i thought it'd be cool to dress my son up as finn because the costume seemed like such a bad ass idea, not to mention super easy. all i needed was to procure the hat. while google-ing around i found that you couldn't actually go out a buy an awesome finn hat...but you could make one. using the pattern and the youtube how-to, i ended up with...

my very own awesome finn hat!

Monday, May 9, 2011

it's been almost a year

it's not like i haven't done little craft and baking projects here and there, i've just been lazy about writing blogs. (and, truth be told, i kinda forgot about this blog...whoops.) so i will be publishing some posts in the next few days or weeks (i'm really, really lazy about writing blogs, srsly) to recap some of the stuffs i've made in the last 12 months.