Sunday, May 23, 2010

another glass bead necklace

remember when i said i liked my friend's necklace i made for her birthday so much i almost kept it? remember that i said i had an obscene amount of glass beads? let me remind you.

alright, memory all refreshed? great! but of course i couldn't just make a duplicate because that'd be kinda stupid, in my opinion. so i made this instead:

again with the three strings of beads, but this time no pendant. also, i made each strand a different length because i thought it'd look cool (which i think it does) and one of the strands features star-shaped glass beads i got a while ago because they were rad-looking, but didn't have a use for until now. the smaller beads are different shades of green and gold.

because the strands are all different lengths, braiding them would have obviously been kinda dumb on my part; and since i was using my noggin when i made this, i took the smart-people route.

i don't know if i like this more or less than my friend's, but it's good enough for me to want to keep it, so yay.

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